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Don't Let A Thief Steal Your Joy and Dreams.

Don't Let A Thief Steal Your Joy and Dreams.

What to do when bad things happen to good people. Listen to Sonia Denice give an inspirational message on what to do when a thief tries to steal your joy. Don't allow bad things in life try to steal your joy, your hopes and dreams. Hold on and stand your ground for what you believe is for you. No matter what comes your way, you were made to win.

Invite Sonia Denice to come speak today. You will never be the same.

Sonia Denice De La Torre

Suicide Is Not An Option. A Message For Our Young People.

In the year of 2015, it is important that young people do everything they can do fulfill their dreams by achieving their purpose and goals in life. However, there are dream killers along the way that will try to destroy and keep our young people from discovering who they really are and their purpose in life. I encourage every young person, family friends, teachers, whoever you might be to listen to this powerful message from Sonia Denice. Suicide is claiming the lives of our young people and we have to do something about it. The challenges that our young people are facing have left our young people with feelings of despair and hopelessness to a point they feel that suicide is the only way out Sadly, more will lose their lives if we don't do something.

Your existence as a young person or young adult matter. This message from Sonia Denice is a wake up call and a message of hope to our young people and to all who need help and a change in life.

Please contact Sonia Denice to speak at your school, church and organization about the safety of your teens, kids and community through her website at Please also help Sonia Denice and her husband further the work and vision they've started and believe in by sending a $1 donation or more to, 106 N. Denton Tap # 179,, Coppell, TX 75019. Your gift of $1 or more will be appreciated.

Thank you,

Sonia Denice De La Torre

At What Age Is It Appropriate To Leave Your Kids Home Alone?

$1.00 Campaign

Hello, my name is Sonia Denice De La Torre and I'm a Children's Book Author and a Public Speaker for Child Safety Awareness. We need your help this New Year in supporting us. We are asking that you send a gift of $1.00 to help keep our business going. If you are able to send more, we appreciate it greatly. My husband and I travel around the city and other state educating our kids, adults and educators about Child Safety Awareness and Bullying. It cost money to prepare and conduct the seminars. We have dedicated our lives and money to help educate our kids on how to live safely. We have financial challenges that we face daily and your gift of $1.00 can help us overcome those financial challenges so that we can continue to move forward in 2015.

Please share this video to others and pass the word along. Send you $1.00 gift to 106 N. Denton Tap # 179...Coppell, TX 75019. Also invite us to come speak in your city or state about Child Safety Awareness and Bullying today. We are available to travel. Please contact us through our website as well.

To purchase my children's book on safety entitled Saved by a Whistle, please click on the product page on my website at and order the soft cover book or the E-book today for your kids.

We hope you have a safe and prosperous New Year in 2015.

Thank you all and God Bless!

Sonia Denice De La Torre

106 N. Denton Tap # 179

Coppell, TX 75019

Purchase the book Saved by a Whistle, please click here on our product page. Soft cover copy of the book available and E-book.

To invite Sonia Denice De La Torre to speak, please contact her through our website.

Thank you!

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