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Safety Tips

Safety Tips You Need To Know For Kids

Teach your kids never to get in the car with someone they don't know. There are times that the unexpected may occur and as parents, you may not be able to contact your child in the case of emergency. Teach your kids a pass code that only you and the child knows. Advise your child, if for any reason an emergency arise and you are not able to pick up your child, teach your child that they are not to get in the car with anyone unless this person knows the password. Under no circumstance is the child to give out the pass code. 

Your kids should always be aware of what's going on around them and teach your kids to always walk in groups of two or more.

It is important that you teach children to become familiar with the area they live in. Teaching a child the various street names in your area memorizing their route to and from home can help save your child's life if faced with stranger danger.

If a child is lost in a mall or store, teach your child to look for police officer or security guard. If your child is unable to find a police officer or security guard, your child can go to a store clerk or look for a lady that has a child with them and ask for help. A lady with a child is most likely to take the lost child to safety. Men may point the child in the general direction of where he/she needs to go.

Teach a child to trust their instincts. If a child feels uncomfortable or feels that they are in danger, teach the child to run and seek help immediately.

Invest in a tracking device for your kids that is able to locate the whereabouts of your child. Most cell phones are also able to track kids. Every second counts when they are away.

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