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Our Wish List

  • Gifts certificates for parents and kids
  • Financial support
  • Voluteers
  • Puppet Stage
  • People who are willing to purchase several of our Children's Book on Child Safety entitled, "Saved by a Whistle" listed on the product page for us to give to kids.
  • New Up to date Laptop
  • IPad & Tablet
  • New Projector & Screen
  • New Vehicles (Truck & Car)
  • Professional Video and editing help in videotaping our events.
  • New toys for kids of all ages.
  • People who are able to sew costumes
  • Color Printer & Toner
  • Sound System with speakers and cords

  • Cordless Microphone Set
  • Thank you,

    Ben & Sonia De La Torre

    Please contact us through our website if you are able to assist with the above wish list.

    Thank you for your support.

    Sonia Denice De La Torre

    Hello, my name is Sonia Denice De La Torre (aka) Sonia Denice. I am a children’s book author and an advocate for children’s safety. I reside in Dallas, Texas. Every day the news media report tragic story after tragic story about the abductions, abuse, and murder of children. These heinous crimes deserve our highest priority.

    My husband, Ben De La Torre, and I have dedicated our lives to conducting a Child Safety Awareness campaign in preschools, elementary schools and among parent and teacher organizations. I have written a book on child safety entitled “Saved by a Whistle” which parents, grandparents and educators are reading to children to educate them on ways to identify and protect themselves from people who seek to harm them and take them away from the people they love. I also conduct informative power point presentations throughout the city of Dallas on child safety and bullying that includes educational videos and valuable safety information to groups and organizations.

    One of our many challenges are, many parents do not emphasize reading in the home. Many parents for various reasons are too busy and are not able to spend quality time with their kids reading. Film and television seem to have replace reading a great deal amongst families, causing our kids to miss out on positive and educational life changing messages in reading books. Somehow we must reach our kids. If I can’t get a book into our kid’s hands to read about how to live safely, then I must turn to film and television to get their attention. As you know, it cost a lot of time and money to put a book to film and television. Money, my husband and I do not have. We also need someone who believes in what we do that is willing to take on such a project in putting our book to film and video. We would like to go to a studio who does animations and put the money down to pay for the cost of putting our book to film and video. Then have an agent market our material in hopes of sharing this with the world.

    We need your help with funding and connections in order to make this happen. We still need people to go online and purchase the book “Saved by a Whistle” however, most of our kids as we know watch cartoons on television and film. I would love for your kids to watch the Chow-E-Chowz family adventures through my book Saved by a Whistle on film and television.

    Please feel free to click on our "product page" to order the book “Saved by a Whistle” or to review additional information on child safety awareness and bullying. There you will also view photos and video testimonials of how the book “Saved by a Whistle” and our Child Safety Presentations are impacting the community.

    We believe that “Every Child Has A Right To Live Safely”. We just need your support and funds to help make it happen.

    We thank you in advance for helping us reach our goals and making our dreams come true by funding this project.

    Many blessings,

    Sonia Denice De La Torre

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