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Why I Bully

Video by Saun Robinson

No child should be bullied. Please, let's do all we can to be there for our kids by getting involved in their lives. We have a responsibility as parents, teacher's, educators, mentors and leaders to help save our kids lives. We can no longer ignore this issue, many have gone to their graves already. Let's not lose another child to "Bullying."

It is important that we teach kids and teens that they have the power to fulfill their dreams. However, many times our kids and teens feel they are not capable of fulfilling their dreams. They often take their frustrations out on themselves and others because they feel they are failing in every area of their life. They lack motivation, love, drive and a will to communicate with others in order to get help. Many are crying out for help but as parents, educators and leaders, we fail to hear their cries. Every child and teen including adults have been given a purpose in life and it's important that we find out what that purpose is. We may all face great difficulties and have major set backs in life but it does not mean we have to quit and give up on our dreams and life. We can make it if we learn how.

Invite us to speak at your school, church, PTA Group, College Campus or organization to educators, parents and kids about this hot topic "Bullying, Cyber-bullying, Online Safety and Child Safety Awareness" that kids and teens are facing in and out of schools everyday. Learn what we can do as adults and kids to help prevent this from happening. It is important to know that every child has a right to live safely. Let's give our kids a voice by helping to stomp out this vicious act of bullying that are claiming the lives of our kids.

Don't put off for tomorrow what you can do today. Make the first step by contacting us through our website.

Hear Amarion share about Bullying. He attended Sonia Denice's Seminar about Bullying

Hear Amarion's at Center for Educational Excellence Inc. (Charter School) / Toledo, Ohio who attended Sonia Denice's Seminar about Bullying. I believe he got the message and explained it well.

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