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Do you know your child's purpose in life and where they're headed?


Your child is “wired” for success. Don’t believe it? Watch as he or she begins to explore the world – reaching out to touch and grasp everything within reach. And by the time he begins to talk, when he grabs something and holds it to himself, he’ll say, “Mine! Mine!’ And he says it with such confidence and conviction. He is a successful conqueror!

Eventually the child will begin showing you signs and clues about his life’s purpose. His behavior will portray it. He can’t help himself. But you’ll have to be a closer observer to pick up on it. For instance, I have a niece who, at 4 years old, would rather watch doctors perform surgeries on Public Television than look at cartoons. At age 11 now she still shows a keen interest in the medical profession. And her parents are providing her with an environment to promote her expressed interests. As you might guess, her toys include a stethoscope, a kid’s version of a doctor’s uniform, etc.

Whether you are a parent, grand parent or educator or anyone who makes frequent contact with children, watch them very closely. They will show you what they’re destined to accomplish. Once you discover their natural “bent,” start exposing them to things that promote their interests. This is only the beginning of leading your child in his or her purpose.

Article written by Bill Harris, former TV news journalist and two-time Emmy Award Winner

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