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What Makes A Healthy Teen?

A teen who thinks healthy, and lives healthy is healthy. It is also important to maintain healthy relationships. A toxic relationship can lead to a unhealthy lifestyles such as; low self-esteem, depression, negative thinking, emotional and mental stress and so much more. Make an effort to meet new friends if you don't have any. People who are honest, trustworthy and are not influenced by bad things such as drugs and alcohol can be good friends. Going to sports events and joining activity clubs in school is a good way of meeting new friends. Steer away from social clubs and activities that can lead to trouble. Be true to yourself and never allow anyone to make you into something you're not. Take the time to discover who you are by spending some time alone doing things you enjoy. You don't have to be around people 24/7. You need some time to relax by reading books that pertain to what you want to do in life, watching educated videos and writing in your journal your thoughts, goals and aspirations. It's time that you take charge of your own life by making healthy choices to live a healthy life.

Article by Sonia Denice De La Torre

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