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Chow-E-Chowz Expressions / Kids Have A Voice is focused on Child Safety Awareness for all kids, teens and young adults. We will do everything we can to educate kids and families on how to live happy and safe life. We believe that our youth have a voice and we must hear them when they speak, especially when it comes to their safety.

Give your kids a future by putting their safety first! When you order the book "Saved by a Whistle," you will give your kids a fighting chance to live safely. Take advantage of our Sale we have on our book now!

Sonia Denice

Sonia Denice is a Children's Book Author and a Public Speaker for Child Safety Awareness and Bullying. Sonia Denice cares about the safety of our kids and teens. Invite Sonia Denice to speak at your school, church or organization about "Child Safety Awareness and Bullying by contacting us through our website. Please view our photo gallery and seminar testimonials tab to see what we are doing in the community and in other states educating adults, teens and kids about Child Safety Awareness and Bullying. We also offer Adult Seminars on Child Safety Awareness and Bullying. Please feel free to contact Sonia Denice through our website on our contact page.

We Need Your Support.

We need your help to raise over $100,000. Just your gift of $1,000 or more can help us spread the word about Child Safety Awareness & Bullying. It cost money to keep our vision and business going. We believe that our kids’ lives matter and we must provide them with every tool possible to help our kids live safely. You can help us keep the vision and dream alive by giving your gift of $1,000 or more by clicking the donate button below or contact us through our website. We thank you all in advance for your generous gift. Sonia Denice De La Torre. Please feel free to contact us on our contact page.

What will it take to provide a safe place for our kids and teens to live in?

Hurting Teens & Suicide

Breaking through the silence of depression and pain. Suicide is not an option, life is. When was the last time you had a talk with your teen?


Enough is enough! It's time to do something about bullying. Speak Out before it's too late!

People Who Seek To Harm Kids

The lures predators use to try to abduct kids.

Learn More

What Makes A Healthy Teen?

It is important that teens learn how to love and accept themselves for who they are. Rejection can be very difficult for a teens to cope with. Learn more about what makes a healthy teen.

How to reconnect with your kids.

All parents need to find the time to reconnect with their kids repeatedly in order to have a good and lasting relationship with your kids. Find out why communication is the key to reconnecting with your kids.

Do you know your child's purpose in life and where they're headed?

Learn how young people find their calling and purpose in life. The path to their purpose can be confusing to your child and frustrating. However, with much meaningful guidance, you can help your child pursue what they enjoy. 

Lost At School

I don't get it! I'm confused! The teacher doesn't like me! The work is too hard! No one understands me! Kids would rather do things they like than take responsibility. They tend to look for an easier way out rather than put in the time and dedication to do what's necessary to get good grades. Some kids would rather play instead of work hard. So they come up with several "excuses" or "reason's" why they can't do something. How do we move our kids to action? What could be holding them back? Learn how.


How can you make your kids more accountable? Too often parents assume that their kids know what is expected of them. Yet, to your surprise, things don't always go the way you planned. So how does a parent teach their kids to be accountable?

Internet Safety

The internet has become a death trap for many teenagers and children alike. Learn how to protect your Teens from the potential dangers of social media, texting and Facebook. Their life depends on it.

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